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What is LINN Energy's ticker symbol and where is it listed?

LINN Energy is listed with OTC under the ticker symbol "LINEQ."

Is LINN Energy a Master Limited Partnership (MLP) or a corporation?

LINN Energy is not a MLP or a corporation, but a publicly traded limited liability company with partnership tax status. The significant differences between LINN Energy, a MLP, and a corporation are illustrated in the chart below.

How do I obtain a LINN Energy investor packet?

You may request an investor packet on the LINN Energy website in the Investor Center under Request Information. LINN Energy will mail a packet containing its most recent annual report, press releases, SEC filings and other additional information related to the Company. You may also download the investor packet (or individual items included in the packet) by clicking on Investor Toolkit in the Investor Center.

How do I access LINN Energy's conference calls and webcasts?

Prior to a conference call/webcast, LINN Energy will issue a press release with the event information that will include the conference call dial-in number and passcode, as well as a replay dial-in number and passcode. The most recent press releases are available on the home page of the LINN Energy website and are also available in the News Room and in the Investor Center under News Releases. The home page of the LINN Energy website provides a direct link to the webcast, and you can access the webcast in the Investor Center under Event Calendar.

What is the difference between "interest/revenue owner" and "investor" as it relates to LINN Energy?

An "interest/revenue owner" owns an interest (e.g. royalty interest) in a LINN well and receives payments for the interest owner's entitled share of production from that well. An "investor" is often referred to as a unitholder who has purchased publicly-traded LINN units under the OTC ticker symbol "LINEQ."

If I own an interest in a LINN-operated well, how do I contact the Company to discuss payments received for production or change my personal information?

You can contact the Owner Relations hotline at (281) 840-4344 or email

What is CODI?

  • Cancellation of debt income 
  • An amount that must be reported as ordinary income by the unitholder, potentially increasing the unitholder’s tax liability
  • The tax liability resulting from allocations of CODI will vary depending on each unitholder’s individual tax circumstances
  • For more information please refer to the LINE Exchange Offer Presentation


What events will trigger CODI?

  • CODI is potentially recognized when existing LINN indebtedness is reduced, modified or exchanged
  • The filing of a petition under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code does not itself cause LINE to recognize CODI; however, it is likely that the final resolution of a bankruptcy plan would cause LINE to recognize an amount of CODI, which may be substantial
  • For more information please refer to the LINE Exchange Offer Presentation

Does the entry into the Settlement Agreement with certain Second Lien Noteholders on April 4, 2016 trigger CODI?

  • LINE has previously announced that debt restructurings and other strategic transactions implemented by LINE could result in the realization of CODI and would be allocated to the unitholders of LINE
  • LINE does not believe that the execution of the settlement agreement will result in the realization of any CODI in April 2016; the completion of the transactions contemplated in the settlement agreement could give rise to CODI
  • For more information please refer to the LINE Exchange Offer Presentation

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